Che Beresford – drums

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Che Beresford

Che Beresford

Che Beresford from Manchester did his first gig with Capercaillie in 2000.

In fact the first gig is one that Che will never forget. “The first time I played with the band was in Spain,” he says. “Donald had supplied me with a tape the week before the gig so I could learn the repetoire.”

“The concert went well and we came off stage at the end with 2000 people cheering and screaming, it was only then that I realised that I had never heard the songs to be played for the encore! I turned to Donald in panic who calmly replied: ‘Och you’ll be fine!”.

Che came to Capercaillie through having worked with with fellow Mancunian Michael McGoldrick way back in the days of well known trad. music band “Toss the Feathers”. He still plays in Michael’s ‘big band’ line-up.