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Ewen Vernal

Ewen Vernal

Born in 1964 in Glasgow, Scotland to a musical family, Ewen began taking piano lessons at 8 years old ‚ inspired by a Beatles-singing mother and a choir-leading, saxophone-playing father! Singing competitions and local talent contests followed, but it was not until into his teenage years that the seductive shape and sound of the bass guitar soon became the focus of Ewens’ musical aspirations ‚ discovering an old guitar in the family loft with only a single low E-string left, the budding Jaco started to pick out bass-lines from favourite records, finally graduating to the ìreal thingî at 16 years old.

From the early 1980’s, Ewen began playing in a variety of Glasgow-based bands and some jazz residencies throughout Scotland until, after some gentle persuasion from their drummer, joined newly-signed Deacon Blue in the autumn of 1986 ‚ until 1994, the band enjoyed huge world-wide success with over 4m album sales, 12 UK Top 40 singles, 2 Number 1 albums, TV, radio, and tours all over the world ‚ 1997 saw Ewen join the ground-breaking folk/crossover band Capercaillie, with whom he is still an influential member.
From Scottish progressive-rock singer Fish, English folk star Kate Rusby, Hue & Crys’ pop-jazz, appearances with Lou Reed, Michael Brecker, Chris Rea, and many more, Ewens’ versatility and adaptability over a wide range of musical styles have ensured that he is always in-demand.

He is available for weddings, bah mitzvahs…